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11 Sep

Time is arguably the most precious commodity of all, yet for many, it is a luxury that very few are blessed with. No matter how organized we try to be, we still find the minutes ticking by far too quickly, and ourselves constantly struggling to find the time to do everything we intended on doing. For people looking to stay in shape, this is a real problem but there is always a solution. Below we’ll be taking a look at a few ways for busy people to balance their work and workout routines.

Exercise on your break –

If you’re at work and are looking to find the time to exercise, why not work out on your lunch break? If you have a gym nearby you could call in for a quick 20 minute session, shower, and head back to the office. Alternatively you could find a quiet spot and could perform your own bodyweight circuit. Most people find themselves bored on their lunch breaks anyway, so why not get a quick workout in instead of sitting around doing nothing?

Prep your meals –

This isn’t technically directly related to working out, but it is certainly related to staying in shape and balancing a work and workout routine. If you struggle to find the time to train, why not prep your meals for the week on a weekend? By prepping healthy meals that can be re-heated at home or at work, you save time on your lunch break, so, as mentioned above, you have more time to exercise. You also have healthy meals ready to be eaten, which is a huge bonus.

Create a simple workout plan –

Another great tip for people looking to get in shape when they’re busy is to create a simple workout plan. It should be nothing too fancy or complex, and ideally should be based upon bodyweight exercises so you don’t need any equipment, or a gym to perform the exercises. An example could be:

  •         Push ups – 4 x 20
  •         Crunches – 4 x 20
  •         Bodyweight squats – 4 x 10
  •         Lunges – 3 x 10 per leg
  •         Knee raises – 3 x 20 per leg
  •         Plank – 1 minute

Find the time –

Finally, this last tip may sound a little harsh, but it is the truth. People claim they don’t have the time to exercise, when in reality they do, they just choose to do other things. If you have work to do then of course the work needs doing, but you could always wake up slightly earlier and squeeze a workout in, or train later in the evening. If you are truly serious about getting in shape, you will always find the time to train, it’s that simple.


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